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Dr. Na Wei joins Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Na Wei joins Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Pittsburgh

Na Wei, PhD, has been appointed Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering. Dr. Wei’s primary appointment, beginning January 2014, will be in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering where her research will focus on understanding and controlling biological processes at molecular level to address challenges in sustainability of water, energy and natural resources.

"It is fascinating to discover the mystery of sophisticated microbial metabolisms and to explore the application of microbial processes," Dr. Wei said. "I look forward to continuing my research at the Swanson School in order to address some of the most important environmental and energy challenges faced by our society."

Dr. Wei holds a B.S in environmental science and engineering from Sichuan University, China, and an M.S. and PhD in environmental engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). She has been a postdoctoral research associate at the UIUC’s Institute for Genomic Biology and its Energy Bioscience Institute since 2011. While in the Institute’s Molecular and Systems Biotechnology Lab, her research included metabolic engineering for renewable biofuel/value-added chemical production. Previous appointments included graduate research associate in the CEE department at UIUC (2006-2011), and undergraduate research assistant at Sichuan University (2003-2006).

Through her research, Dr. Wei is interested in understanding and manipulating microorganisms and their communities in order to harness microbial power for beneficial applications in environmental engineering. Specifically she is investigating the production of energy and value-added chemicals from waste or renewable sources through a process called value-added biotransformation, and utilizing microorganisms to transform emerging environmental contaminants in natural or engineered water systems to provide clean water and reduce risks to public health/ecosystems.



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