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Anthony J. Petullo Recognized with Naming of Petullo Insight Program

Anthony ‘Tony’ J. Petullo (’61 BUS) was honored earlier this month at a 10-year anniversary event for the Illinois Leadership® Center.  Petullo was a panelist at the event, joining two other Illinois alumni to discuss current challenges and opportunities of leadership from multiple sectors.  After the event, Petullo was surprised with a special recognition: having one of the Center’s leadership programs named after him. 

Over the past 10 years, Petullo has been an advocate and supporter of Illinois Leadership, a campus unit that provides leadership development training and education to students at the University of Illinois while also supporting faculty and staff pursuing leadership-related teaching and research. While Petullo has made many gifts to the Illinois campus at large, his seven-figure lead gift laid the groundwork for leadership at Illinois as we know it today by helping establish the Leadership Center’s core programs.

The Illinois Leadership® Center offers day-long programs, called i-programs, focusing on developing various leadership competencies. The i-program formerly known as Illinois Insight (and henceforth known as The Petullo Insight Program), was the first i-program offered by the center and is also Petullo’s favorite i-program. The Petullo Insight Program focuses on the personal knowledge required for effective leadership in a complex, changing world. In this program, students discover their leadership talents and strengths, identify their values, investigate the role identity plays in leadership, and explore their intrinsic leadership style. Petullo once referred to the Illinois Leadership Center as “his best investment ever.” Student Affairs and the advancement community at Illinois could not think of a more fitting way to honor this distinguished leader and visionary.



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