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New Dean at the University of Iceland

New Dean at the University of Iceland

Rector appointed two new Deans at the University of Iceland recently. Dr. Jóhanna Einarsdóttir will lead the School of Education and Dr. Daði Már Kristofersson the School of Social Sciences. 

Dr. Einarsdóttir, Professor of Education at the Faculty of Teacher Education, earned a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 2000 and has since then conducted research in the field of Early Childhood Education. Einarsdóttir established the Center for Research in Early Childhood Education in 2007 and is its current director. Dr. Kristófersson, Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics, has a PhD from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Kristófersson is the Director of Development and Alliances at the University of Iceland.

Dr. Jóhanna Einarsdóttir will replace Dr. Jón Torfi Jónsson, Professor of Education Studies who has held the position of Dean of the School of Education since 2008; or since the merger of The University of Iceland and the Iceland University of Education. Dr. Daði Már Kristófersson will replace Dr. Ólafur Þ. Harðarsson, Professor of Political Sciences; Dean of the School of Social Sciences since 2008.

The new Deans of Schools will both assume their new posts this summer.


Source: The University of Iceland



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