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Three U of I engineering alumni start new company and create product, MagicLatch

NORTHBROOK, Ill., (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Gone are the days of struggling to grab your dog's collar with one hand and fussing around with the other hand to hook on your dog's leash. "Frustrated with the clumsiness and time it takes to leash and unleash my dog, I designed MagicLatch," said Fred Heyman, CEO of Pet Connect, Inc. MagicLatch consists of two small components, one that attaches to the end of your existing leash and another that attaches to your dog's collar. With MagicLatch, reach down with one hand, get your leash close to the collar component, and they are instantly and securely locked.

"MagicLatch is set to revolutionize the decades old hook and ring system," continues Heyman. "It's an incredibly fast and easy way to connect your leash and is more comfortable for your dog. MagicLatch makes life easier for dog owners and dogs." MagicLatch operation is dual-action. First, magnets assist in making the connection incredibly easy. Second, locking metal jaws securely fasten leash to collar. Releasing is a one-handed operation as well. Just squeeze the release button from either side to release the locked jaws and remove the leash.

MagicLatch saves time and effort every time you take out your dog with its ease and one-handed operation. Whether it's holding a beverage or phone, wearing gloves, leaning over into the backseat, or arthritis or another ailment limiting dexterity, all these situations and more become 'No Problem' with MagicLatch as the solution.

MagicLatch is available online, at pet stores, and samples are available for review.

Fred and two colleagues, all engineering graduates from the University of Illinois, started Pet Connect in 2012. Pet Connect is dedicated to creating unique, high quality, engaging products that make life easier.

Visit magiclatch.com for more information, videos, and sales.



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